foursquare Ambassador Program Released To The Public

The popular check-in social media tool, foursquare has just opened up their Ambassador Program to the public.  If you are not familiar with foursquare head over to our article about What foursquare Needs to Change.

What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program was released to a select group of individuals late last year in an effort to boost venue participation.  Right now as it stands many of the venues listed on foursquare do not honor the mayor for all of those check-ins and frequent visits they chalk up.  Probably for two reasons. 1.) The Venues don’t know about it. 2.) They don’t know how to use it.

So what?, you check-in on your cell phone at a venue and all you get is a stupid badge maybe?  This business model will grow very old for users unless they are getting something back.  After all, we the users are doing all the work of adding the venues!

It’s a pretty simple idea: if you’re passionate about foursquare and want to help get more Specials in your area, let us know. We’ll reach out to creative and excited evangelists who fill out the form, offering them a pack of foursquare Ambassador Cards (custom-printed with your name) to hand out to local businesses. The businesses get details about their foot traffic and loyal customers, and you and your fellow foursquare users will see more Specials at your favorite places.

You can sign up for the foursquare Ambassador Program here.  After signing up, you get your very own personalized foursquare business card! (can you sense the sarcasm) You then will spread the word to potential venues about getting on board with foursquare and claiming their venue on the website.  What do you get in return for spreading the word?  According to the site, they’re are banking on more venues signing up and providing deals and specials to you saving you money.  That seems like too much work to me for a possible .50 off of a drink.

foursquare is at a fork in the road right now.  They either gain more venue participation or they will be the next social media tool to fade away.  I like your idea of getting users to spread the word for you, but really? Business Cards? You need to give a little more than that to entice a mass crowd to hop on board with you.

Calling All Venues

This is a great way for venues to use as an avenue of social media to gain potential customers and clients.  It’s not hard and it’s free to sign up.  Take a moment and claim your venue here.  You then will be able to spread your deals to the 3 million plus users and maybe you will get returning customers in the process… Unless your product is horrible but that is another story.

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